Thursday, 28 April 2011

A right royal knees up

A royal wedding brings out all the things that are good about being British. Union Jack bunting, Victoria sponge with cream and strawberries, cucumber sandwiches, Pymms and lemonade, scones, cup cakes commemorative biscuits tins, fine bone china tea sets and of course a lovely cup of tea.

In 1981 we had a right old royal knees up and celebrated in style with a street party. There was a fancy dress competition, long trestle tables lining the streets, the older generation in deck chairs and a Punch and Judy Show. The street was decked out in bunting and Union Jack flags. I love both checked table clothes and gingham. I clearly remember running in and out of peoples houses, all the mums either in the kitchen, preparing food or in the lounge watching the Royal Wedding on the TV, the Dads rigging up complicated wiring systems from the electrical supplies in our houses to speakers and lights in the street. A wonderful memory of a fairy tale princess wedding, running around wildly excited and being allowed to stay up way past dark.

The design on the flag is just a print out of the beautiful Accessorize flags which are sadly sold out, but roses added to the Union Jack is just the ticket.

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