Sunday, 10 July 2011

Making and breaking records

Initially when Josie came out of school with her plan to pester me continually until I agreed to let her take part in The Biggest Band event, my feelings were mixed. How wonderful for an eight year old who loves singing to get the opportunity not only to sing at Wembley Arena, but to be part of a World Record breaking event and to record and release a single to raise money for Save the Children but the idea of going on a coach full of children all the way to Wembley filled me with a sense of dread, especially knowing how tired Josie can get and that we would not arrive back until 10pm. I do not like coaches, I really do not think that there is anything to like about them. They are cramped. dirty, smelly and uncomfortable.

However I don't mind a bit of performing and it really was a once in a life time opportunity for Josie, who was determined to go, so on Friday, I climbed the dreaded coach steps and sat next to someone I'd never met before (Josie didn't want to sit next to me but she wanted to me to sit close by) and off we went. The coach journey did not fail to disappoint me and was incredibly unpleasant but the singing was brilliant and the children were amazing. Josie was so excited and very tired but we jumped up and down and sang our hearts out to "It's Alright" by East 17, broke the World record for the biggest band in the world, I think there were supposed to be 10,000 people there and now the song is available for download.

Download the song here please

My beautiful Josie with her banner

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