Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cute little dress for an adorable girl

After my recent success with skirts for Josie and her cousin Lily, I have well and truly caught the sewing bug again and my machine never stops whirling. Josie has long since grown out of cute dresses and I have little or no influence over what she wears although she has recently started borrowing my clothes. At age 8, they are a little big, but I have always loved dressing up so am more than happy to lend out my clothes.
I didn't really make Josie any fantastic dresses when she was younger, I imagine I was still overwhelmed by the transformation that occurs when you become a parent and would not have found time to stitch. So I consider myself very lucky to have been invited to an adorable little girl's third birthday party on Thursday and can't let this opportunity to make a cute dress, slip away.

It was also an excuse to go to my favourite fabric shop, The Sewing Shop. It really is amazing how quickly one can get addicted to fabric. I could browse through fabric designs all day, but under the guidance of my model's mother, it was to be red and pretty.

The finished dress, whipped up in one day and inspired by Sachiko at Tea Rose Home.

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