Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Family Fun in the Sun

Canterbury is a wonderful city to bring up children. It has everything you could want from a city but with a village feel. We are lucky enough to be surrounded by green space and today on the field at the back of our house was a family fun day. Everything is nearby and local and best of all, during the holidays my husband is able to come home for lunch. Today we had a picnic at the Family Fun in the Sun together during his lunch break and then the children and I stayed for the whole afternoon. The children had so much fun and got to try out so many exciting things. The field is surrounded by a fench and only has one entrance which meant I could pretty much allow Josie to go off by herself and Charlie had plenty of freedom too.  I did stay close to him as he needed some help with certain activities and of course wanted me to see all the exciting things he was doing.

Josie with her picnic lunch

Circus tricks

Learning to spray paint

Tile painting for a mural in the Riverside Children Centre

Playing musical instruments

Concerntrating very hard on making a feathered crown

And space hopper races

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  1. That looks like so much fun. I've worked out how to publish your blog on my blog. How clever!!! x


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