Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One day, one dress, one picture

A year ago today, I started my blog. It seems a life time ago now and so many things have changed. A year in any one's life can be a long time. People have died and been born, seeds have been planted, born flowers, fruit and then seeds and the wheels of time have continued turning. The wonderful thing about moving forward through life, is that it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future. I have no way of knowing what my life will be like one year from today.

As I dressed this morning, in a dress that my Dad bought me for my graduation in 1993, I thought about all the times that I had worn that dress. Little did I know when I picked it out from the Next discount store in the Mander Centre, Wolverhampton, that during that summer, I would wear it for two life changing events; my graduation and my father's funeral.

It sadly has been worn for a lot of funerals but also weddings and more recently work. I love the dress. It got me thinking about how life can be recorded in a snapshot of time. If I wore the same dress, on the 20th September each year, how different would my life be from today? Would I even be able to wear it on the 20th September every year? It is quite amazing that it still fits after 18 years, especially seeing as just in the last year, I have put on a stone in weight.

I have really enjoyed taking a photo every day so far this year, so my next challenge is to write a diary entry on the 20th September every year until forever, wear the dress and if I am ever brave enough, take a picture.
I suppose even the way I record it will change over the years but to start with and as a celebration of one year of blogging, I will link it to my blog.

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