Monday, 31 October 2011

Witches, Pumpkins and Apple bobbing

It wouldn't be Halloween without a spot of apple bobbing. It's the ideal party game for Charlie as it involves two of his favourite things; playing with water and eating apples. I particularly liked his need to put on his swimming goggles and the fact that he could only get an apple if there were no adults in the room.

This afternoon after school, it was just Charlie and I as Josie had been invited to a proper Halloween party. I managed to avoid a hugely overpriced and only to ever be worn once costume, thanks to Ruby Murray's Teeny Tiny Leather Spell Books. Josie and I made one together yesterday and it really did turn out quite well and is proudly being worn on a necklace as the main part of her witch's costume.

We didn't get around to any pumpkin carving this year and strangely the children didn't ask. I grew several but it was not a very successful year and I have only ended up with a handful of small yellow one called "Summer Ball".

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