Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Pretty little girls - 27th December 2011

When Josie was born, she was tiny, less than 6lbs and just like a dolly. She had such beautiful teeny tiny little clothes and was just so pretty. I did so love to dress her in the most adorable outfits, she even had frilly knickers. As she grew into a strong minded fiercely independent toddler, I had little influence over her outfits. She would not wear anything other than pink, wore every single hair clip, hair band and item of jewellery she owned all at once and was instead on wearing fairy wings and wellies everywhere. Then one morning she woke up and said she wanted jeans and ever since her fashion sense has changed with the wind. It is not unknown for her to change several times a day.

Today as promised, I took her to the sales and was really expecting to buy something highly fashionable, totally hideous, to be worn once and then dis guarded at the bottom of the wardrobe. However I was pleasantly surprised to see her drawn to the delightful party frocks in Monsoon, which compared to the tat in the over-crowded Next sale, was a breathe of fresh air.

It was so wonderful to see her as a pretty little girl, in a classic adorable dress with lace and embroidery and net, that I had to buy it for her.

Like a little angel and perfectly dressed for future tea parties.

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