Saturday, 3 December 2011

Saint Nicolas Parade - 3rd December 2011

It really is Christmas once the Saint Nicholas Parade has happened and it is beginning to be a bit of a family tradition. Where else can you see the true Father Christmas and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury with hundreds of school children banging drums and blowing whistles? Today Josie had a bit of a key role in her fabulous costume.

She danced her way through the streets, directly behind Saint Nicholas and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.h

Josie with the Arch Bishop of Canterbury

And with Saint Nicholas

As you can imagine I was incredibly proud of her and quite pleased when she changed her mind and wanted me to stay with her and be in the parade instead of leaving her and picking her up later. She was adorable and it was so touching when she cuddled up to me during the Cathedral service and whispered to me that she had no idea what the Arch Bishop was saying.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Saint Nicholas Day on 6th December.

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