Thursday, 19 April 2012

Made in the United States of America

The other day Josie wanted to check that UK stood for United Kingdom and USA stood for United States of America. It was just one of those brief moments you get as a parent where your child needs that confirmation of their expanding knowledge. These moments are a fundamental part of my day. Sometimes I am simply able to answer "yes" and other times the answer is a complicated concept that sparks a barrage of questions and can tax my brain to such an extent that I need a cup of tea. Since my Made in England post the other day, I have been wondering where items are made and who designed them. Then on my internet travels to other blogs, I came across this beautiful dress.

This dress is by a British design duo Trollied Dolly

The dress linked to the most amazing website Modcloth and really I could have any one of the delightful dresses. There are pages and pages of the most beautiful patterns and designs and then there are the shoes. This website has over a thousand items made in the USA , the company was founded by someone called Susan with the aim to sell vintage inspired clothes by indie designers and was influenced by her Grandmother. Need I really say any more, other than it may take me a long time to discover all the things I love at Modcloth and I need this tea towel.

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