Thursday, 10 May 2012

Nine little wishes

Tomorrow is Josie's 9th birthday and as every parent knows, the passing of each of our children's years brings about total disbelief in how fast time is going. No parent can believe that the child is one already, five and starting school, nine and becoming even more beautiful.... Despite stepping of the career ladder of working towards deadlines, avoiding the rush hour crush on the tube and moving to the semi-country like Canterbury shortly after Josie's 1st birthday, time has continued to fly by in a whirl. Since Josie entered my world, I have never once been bored, she is, as is every child, a constant stream of delights.

This year I had got well organised for her birthday until I was struck down by a sickness bug (kindly donated by Charlie) on Tuesday. So her presents have no fancy ribbons this year, just paper flowers.

And  I would also like to grant her nine little wishes

No. 1 She remains happy forever
No. 2 Her empathy and kindness towards others never goes unnoticed
No. 3 Her enthusiasm for everything shines through
No. 4 She learns to live with the things that make her sad and accepts them

No. 5 She continues to believe that time and love have more worth than any amount of money
No. 6 Her creativity and amazing imagination bring her joy

No. 7 She is always able to see how wonderful she truly is
No. 8 She remains as unique and special as she has been since the moment she was born
No. 9 All her dreams come true

The paper flowers actually don't look too bad, considering they have taken me all morning as I kept needing to lie down. I hope I feel well enough for her roller disco party on Saturday!!

Dedicated to my darling Josie Victoria born 11th May 2003


  1. Lovely! Can't believe Josie is nine already! Only seems like yesterday walking down the country lane by Chase Farm waiting for her to make her entrance! Hope she has a wonderful birthday & I wish we could be there for her Roller disco! Xxx

    1. Zoe, it seems like yesterday. She has already been out on her roller skates this morning and she still is Little Miss Tiny. Miss you xxxx


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