Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What we did...Summer Holidays 2012 Day 33

It is very easy to get out of the habit of getting up early even if like me, you are more generally an early bird. Until a couple of years ago, I woke and got up, just like that and with very little effort. I used to enjoy spending time at the allotment shortly after day break. I can't remember the last time I got up and didn't want to go back to bed but this morning, I had the urge to go to the allotment and it was just perfect. Already warm and sunny, at a little after 7am, there was nowhere I would have rather been.

 It is now the fabulous time of year when I have more raspberries than I can pick in the time I get to spend at the allotment. Raspberries are truly so easy going, they only thing they need is a good weed every now and again to prevent them being smothered by bind weed or strangled by brambles.

I never really feel able to eat the raspberries as I pick them without feeling guilty. I just think that they are so incredibly delicious and nutritious that I should be saving each and every one for the children.
This is all I had time to pick this morning but there are plenty left for another day and even more growing. I wish that I was able to parcel them up and send them to my sister in Australia as she told me that a small punnet cost $10 and she couldn't justify paying that price for such a piddly amount.
I wasn't entirely sure what to do with the raspberries and left them in the kitchen for a short while during which time Charlie got his fingers on them and ate quite a few. I am sure that he could probably have eaten the whole lot but I made the rest into jam which will be perfect with croissants for breakfast tomorrow (Josie has a friend for a sleepover tonight).

We also made a cake using all of my fabulously bright and intense food colouring pastes and I ended up with multi-coloured children.

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