Sunday, 1 December 2013

Sixes and sevens

Life seems to have been so full lately, that there has scarcely been time to indulge myself in blogging. There's always a slight feeling of aniexety for me when I don't get around to writing a few words about how wonderful life is or capture some snapshots of the beauty that surrounds my world. A sense a guilt gently nags at the back of my mind, a little like a forgotten to promise to keep a diary and I have this irrational fear that my happiness will be taken from me if I don't reflect on moments. I suppose November always has a bleakness which is confounded by the loss of our baby Jack and although time makes the pain less intense, it is nevertheless a heartache that will remain constant.

There is however much hilarity in being the parent of a small child, often more than I bargin for with Charlie. A typical conversation goes something like this:

Me: Are your teeth clean?

Charlie: Yes

Me: As clean as a whistle?

Charlie: Mum, whistles are dirtier than the North Pole

November was of course Charlie's birthday month and the count down started in earnest after Bonfire Night. Many weeks were spent preparing presents (his Minecraft quilt was no small undertaking) and organising his survival party. For his birthday Charlie had requested a Swiss Army Knife and a bushcraft / survival style party and after researching what is or more to the point isn't available locally for an affordable price locally in November, I designed my own. I took inspiration from here, advice from a good friend and her boys (who were automatically invited for their knife skills) and Charlie contributed a number of ideas.





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