Sunday, 11 May 2014

Camp Josie

Once in your life time you are the same age as the date you were born. I don't remember being 4 years old on the 4th but I hope that the memories of Camp Josie to celebrate being 11 on the 11th, will remain with Josie forever.
There's always more than one way to look at everything, but you'd be amazed how much Josie and two of her best friends enjoyed playing with a blanket in a field, eating charred food, getting soaked to the skin by torrential rain and barely sleeping as they shivered with only a thin piece of canvas to protect them from the gale force winds.

The girls drank homemade lemonade in Kilner jars, which worked just as well for Granola bowls, hot chocolate mugs and were decorated with Sharpie pens, filled with cake and sent home with our guests for new and exciting adventures. The whole party was very much sponsored by my Pinterest activities.

from the freezer paper printed flag (design credit to

to the mini Camp Josie beetroot chocolate fudge cake

and onto the knapsack style tidied bandana party bags

She just looks like she had a totally brilliant time.
And of course credit where credit's due...behind the scenes was my husband who was in charge all the technical aspects such as putting the tent up in the wind and being on the receiving end of over-stressed pre-party rantings from me.

I'd also like to thank my lovely assistant, Michelle, who took to sitting in deck chairs, drinking wine out of enamel mugs and staring out to sea, beautifully. Without her support in girl control, companion crocheting and general gossip, the whole affair would have been one evil mum vs three sugar fuelled young ladies.

Although it was a girls only camp, it was very sweet to catch brother and sister catching up before we went home and Josie sharing her adventures and stories. And if you know Josie well, or you've been camping with Josie, then yes, she did take her friends into the woods after dark and scare them to death with her frightening stories. Her Josiness just grows with every year and now there's 11 of them  packed into that tiny bundle of joy.

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