Sunday, 22 June 2014


Numbers aren't really my passion, I prefer words, colour, nature but I know they have their place. They are hugely significant in the passage of time, space and the universe. Without numbers, you can't mark how far you've come or what's left in store. Dates and times are the cornerstones of our lives and this week we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. So many things have happened, I could not have imagine what our lives would become from that moment in 2000. The twists and turns, the ups and downs have all been worth it.

The children were out at a fun day today so we were able to head out for a walk with the dog and stop for lunch at a pub. And if it's your 14th wedding anniversary, there's a14th Century inn nearby and it's dog friendly, then that really is the best choice.


Westbere is a chocolate box village in the tranquil countryside surrounding Canterbury and The Yew Tree Inn is delightful.


I can wait for whatever will happen over the next few years because I don't want my life to fly by so fast but I know the days and months then years will roll along as happy ones.


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