Sunday, 20 July 2014

A day in the life of a seven year old boy

There are three more days until the summer holidays and Charlie's last day of infant school. The summer before he started school we had a special mummy and Charlie day where we did all our favourite things together. With the others away this weekend, it was just Charlie, Sherlock and I so we spent the weekend seven year old style.

This involved a large amount of playing ball in the river with the dog which was a bit of a surprise from the child who is usually permenantly plugged into an electronic device. However to be fair, since we got Sherlock from Dogs Trust in the spring, there has been a lot more outdoor play.


There's something special about the relationship between a kid and their dog. It's like having a trusted friend who won't let you down, run off and play with someone else and never tires of playing your complex games with rules that no-one else understands, especially if they involve a ball and jumping in a river.

We picked loads of berries from the allotment to make very berry jam as a thank you gift for his teachers and in typical boy style, the harvest was collected whilst a debate insued about his bloodied knee. "Didn't you bring a first kit?" he asked in surprise as if I usually carried one around with me.

He's an early riser still, anywhere between 5.30am and 7am, so I was quite pleased that it wasn't until just before 7am that I heard his little voice reminding me that I said he could go in the river again this morning, under the black bridge.

We arrived home shortly before 8.30am and Charlie put on the lead and harness as my longed for second dog, Watson. Sherlock was a bit put out when Watson made a play for his breakfast.

Back in the river after sausages, rice and green beans from the garden for lunch, this game involves me throwing the ball to each in turn. Mostly it was Charlie's turn because I threw too wide, Sherlock got the ball or Charlie threw it to him.

When they weren't in the river, Charlie was making rainbow loom bands and watching Bear Grylls. I have limited patience for both. Charlie seems to find the most complicated How on YouTube and then insist I do the hooking part of the loom band making. As for Bear Grylls, I totally admire that he is chief scout; a role model to my own little beaver and cub, but he doesn't need to dangle over the edge of a ravine, eat raw zebra or utilise his own urine. He bangs on so much about the risk to his life every second, that Josie (now returned from a camping party) wanted to know what would happen if he died live on screen. And his name is Edward! Please don't encourage my children to think that in order to be cool, you need to change your name from someone perfectly reasonable to something totally ridiculous.


Don't worry kids you don't have to drink your own urine boiled on a fire made from dried elephant dung, you can suck the rain drops off the dahlia buds in the garden or turn the tap on in the kitchen.


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