Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A is for adventure

The best place to start in an a -z of the summer holidays is adventures. It wouldn't be the summer without adventures; heading off into the unknown with no real expectations of what may or may not happen. Yesterday a friend and I took our boys to London with  a loose plan of going to Hyde Park followed by the Natural History Museum.

It was however to far too glorious a day to be inside. It is very rare that I find shade inviting but the sun was relentlessly blazing.

It was so lovely not to even care that the boy fell in the pond as his clothes dried whilst we ate our picnic lunch. 

A summer adventure can only get better, if it involves water and even more adorable if your boys are still excited by a ride on a boat. 

Not too old to steer the boat either

And a bit more water in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain as well as feeding the ducks, geese and swans.

Hyde Park is filled with happy memories for me: running around as a child, trips with my Grandparents on New Years Day with sandwiches and a flask of soup, walking the dog, sun bathing and relaxing. It's the place for good old fashioned adventures.

Theses trips should seem never ending and stretch on as long as a summer's day. So after a double cone with a flake for these small boys with large appetites, we caught a bus and a tube (in order to take advantage of all transport options available) to the South Bank where chance happenings spill out from every corner.

And what opportunities do you think these little angels wanted to take advantage of? A Victorian Style Freak Show with sword swallowing, chainsaw juggling and fire eating.

I can't tell you of the monstrous delights that thrilled our little explorers but just google the Space Cowboy or Ariel Manx 
if you dare.

A is for adventure

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