Monday, 4 August 2014

C is for camping

Since getting a dog, we needed to find some new campsites to while away the hours cloud watching. We have a handful of requirements:

☀️ Not to far from our house (Charlie doesn't travel well unless it's flying through the air on a tyre swing)

☀️ Campfires allowed (it's just not the same if you can't  saw up enormous logs with a Swiss Army Knife, send the children off to collect wood or cook on a flame) 

☀️ Plenty of space ( I live in a terraced house in the middle of a city, I don't want tents on top of tents on top of me)

☀️ Dogs allowed (this rules out our previous favourite, Kingsdown International, although we did go there for Camp Josie without Sherlock)

So what new discoveries have we found that meet our fairly simple demands, Bedgebury Camping. It's idyllic. Five gigantic fields surrounded by trees and brooks, bush craft activities in a tipi (maybe next time) and the novelty of Eco toilets.

On Saturday night there's a fish and chip van on site for a couple of hours, but be warned, this is highly popular with fellow campers taking the easy way out so go early. The customer in front of us ordered 18 portions of fish and chips leaving us with an hour wait and despite there being 30 people or so in the queue behind us, the sold out after just a few more orders.

Best of all was the total freedom for Sherlock and the children. Although dogs are supposed to be on leads, this is quite a loose rule and he spent most of the time free to roam.

Surprisingly he choose not to run riot around the campsite stealing sausages but instead remained close to base camp, guarding his ball / frisbee in the hope that some random person would throw it for him. And most of the time he was in luck.

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