Monday, 18 August 2014

J is for Josie

I can hear the moans already...

"How come Josie gets her own post in the a - z of summer and I don't"

Well Charlie, the first post in this series was effectively yours as it was all about your trip to London and secondly, this is a big summer for Josie because in September she's going to secondary school.


As a mum living in an area that still uses a test to select children for grammar school, you have to make the decision whether to coach your child or not. Josie is a high flyer with her English but doesn't have the time for the logical methodical thought required for maths so last summer she was tied to her study schedule. She wanted to do it, she wanted to go to the girls' grammar school and her hard work paid off. She passed the Kent Test and has this summer free to do what she pleases.

There weren't any tears from Josie at her leavers' assembly and as ever she surprised me by doing the unexpected and found herself a new best friend on the last day of term. They have been inseparable since then, it had been a Romy and Josie summer.


The girls asleep in the tent, despite the noise and hullabaloo outside.

Josie wrote a list of things she wanted to do in the holidays before they broke up. Charlie wrote one too but he isn't into writing so his list was simply five things, whereas Josie's had close to 100. We've been working our way through and some have been more successful than others.


Breakfast in a cafe got a really big tick

Although she tried sushi, it's not something she'd like to repeat



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