Sunday, 14 June 2015

Double collie

Are you a dog person or a cat lover? Although I adore our bag of fluff with her catish air of nonchalant indifference, ever since Sherlock barged his way into our house stamping his unsubtle obsessive paw print on everything, walkies has become a word of great excitement. Besides it isn't that easy to have a cat friend over for the night.

This weekend Sherlock had his best friend round for his first doggie sleepover. I must say they were awfully well behaved but never has the word walkies inspired such enthusiasm, barking and tearing around the house.

Unless you have children you would not believe the amount of arguing that occurred over which child would hold which dog for what distance. Fortunately the dogs were perfectly agreed on one thing and that was chasing balls.


To say these woofers like a game of ball, is the biggest understatement ever. Josie describes it as Sherlock's job and work that he must do ever second of the day.

However good Sherlock is at fetching the ball, giving it back is his downfall.

Charlie made Hedge feel right at home.


He even shared his favourite Dude Perfect videos on YouTube with his new BFF.


Josie, as a veteran of sleep overs, was able to provide me with a charming insight into their doggie behaviour. Apparently their weeing on top of each other's wee, all over town, is the dog equivalent of taking photos of what they did at the sleep over and posting them on Instagram.


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