Saturday, 8 August 2015


So far the summer holidays have been wonderful and despite the broken down car and lack of partner in parenting, Nethergong camping has left everyone blissfully exhausted.

This time our visit was blue skies all the way with lofty temperatures that required the majority of our party to seek shade, apart from Sherlock who is clearly unaware that his is a large fluffy dog with a thick black coat.

The children once unplugged from their electronic devices were transformed into grubby little urchins running wild and wielding knives and overly sharpened sticks.

It's so much about real life, lying around in a field staring at the sky. Running, jumping, climbing, chatting, simply being alive and enjoying nature by day, then once the sun has set, the draw of the fire unites all ages. Each and everyone had their part to play in the conversation although my role, along with the keeper of the Zippo and fire master, is the inventor of engaging campfire games.

There are so many aspects of Nethergong camping in my list of favourites. I couldn't do without an early morning coffee by the lake.

But right at the top, in the number one slot is freedom. Everyone can pretty much do what they want including Sherlock. My doggie is free to indulge his obsessive collie nature. He seriously does not stop. There isn't a second that goes by that he isn't looking for someone to throw a ball or toss that stick in the water. He's too busy to eat his own breakfast, stop for a drink or catch his breath because even the slightest distant giggle of a child requires immediate investigation least he should miss any opportunity to play.

From the most delicate dew studded corn framed spiderwebs to the rankest day old fishing maggots, through the lingering stench of bonfire smoke to the simple rainbow socks I'm knitting, camping is my kind of holiday.

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