Friday, 18 March 2016

Free stuff Friday

Come on everyone! It's Friday. It's time for free stuff.

 Every now and again someone says something or does something that makes me think. Positivity breeds positivity and happiness is catching. In order to to make the world a better place we just need to be nice. This kindly person at work told me about Pay it Forward a film which is not available on that flicks so I can't watch it but I know what the sentiment is. His response was Thursday Biscuit Club check it out here. I thought I might like to do something nice, something kind, something free.

It's just a simple card. It's a man card design. It could of course appeal to anyone who's all about the stripes

or partial to a touch of stitching. 

There's only one so get in touch if you'd like it. The only price is that you do something nice for someone else. Simple.

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