Friday, 22 April 2016

Free stuff Friday

Happy Earth Day guys. What did you do today to celebrate the fact that there is still an earth? I am concerned about the amount of plastic that is polluting our lives. Just try to go one day without plastic and you'll see that it is no longer possible. Plastic is everywhere. No seriously plastic is everywhere. From the second you wake up to the last moment at night you will be surrounded by plastic. Don't believe me? Seriously people have a look.

So today in celebration of Earth Day, I picked up pieces of plastic, destined for the ocean from by beside the river as I walked the dog earlier. Yesterday The Sustainable Mind podcast presented a possible solution. An Upcycling Artist called Sara Weiner has made a life of fusing plastic into fabric. I stalked the idea last night on Pinterest. Check it out by clicking on the link above and finding my plastic fantastic board. I've managed to avoid two Pinterest fails #NailedItOrAtLeastIHopeSo. 

At the very least the knitting needle bangle  is Yellow, vintage, upcycled, sentimental yet purposeful (it used to belong to my grandmother) and the fused plastic pendant is perfect for free stuff Friday. If you want the pendant just let me know and if not I shall continue wearing it with pride. Now I think I can classify myself as a doer. I heard it, I saw it, I did it and now I'm giving it away. 

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