Friday, 3 February 2017

A freshly made bed

We all take things for granted. Our lives become busy and those little things that make everything worth living, slip pass unnoticed. #tinypleasures2017 is and Instagram photo challenge for February set up by Tammy Strobel
I started on Wednesday and already I've slowed down and tried to appreciate what is around me. In fact for the whole of 2016 I tried to slow down I look around a bit more. I'd write my to do lists and then re-examine them to see how many of the tasks I actually had to do. I tried monotasking which is a total challenge for me because my brain is constantly on to the next and then the next and then the next, before I've even had time to breathe. So here I am on February 3 appreciating a freshly made bed.

Leisure activities such as sewing and knitting and drawing are, in Theory, supposed to be relaxing. I however make them pressing engagements that loom over me waiting for me to address them. The idea of working stitch by stitch, mindfully enjoying the making process has previously been lost on me. So I'm working on this and January was set aside for repairing the first quilt I ever made.

This is the final large square I needed to add it was inspired by Yumiko Higuchi

There is still a little bit of dog damage where Sherlock, having been excluded from kiddy games, has attacked the quilt in protest.

But for now I am considering the repairs complete. Small dog bites add to the character and at some point there will be a little moments when I want to do some embroidery and dogbite repairs will be the perfect size.

I am now going to enjoy my freshly made bed by sitting on it and knitting.

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