Monday, 15 May 2017

Project April

In 2016 I loosely followed The Slow Home Experiments. In an attempt to make my life simpler I was inspired by people who had taken steps to minimise the complications of a.busy life. You can find out more here or listen to Slow Your Home podcast here. It worked out well, I enjoyed it. The experiments replaced my to do lists with one useful focussed task each day which changed monthly. Some of them I really enjoyed for example daily Yoga with Adrienne and others where a bit of a challenge, meditation.

I decided this year that I would like to do the same thing but make my own up. There are so many things that I want to do but never have enough time to do them. However if I dedicate a whole month to completely focusing on one specific task then in theory I'll have time.
In January I did yoga again, February was A month of Tiny Pleasures an Instagram photo project inspired by Tammy Strobell. In March I unplugged, went off line and internet free for 7 days and then worked on mindful use of social media and on line cruxes for the rest of the month. (Thank you Flow Magazine)

April was all about drawing. I love art, it formed the basis of my creative arts degree but I never find time other than making cards for people.

Spring is an exciting time of  year in the natural world and in April the garden fills with colour and life, spring flowers and seedlings appear and change daily. I love it. Drawing and painting throughout April has enabled me to observe and document the growth of my garden.

Previously I have enjoyed wondering and watching and this pleasure has been increased by carefully recording what I see in terms of line, form and colour.

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