Josie and Charlieisms

"I just want to do whatever I can to stay out of prison" Charlie's contribution to a conversation about religion April 2014.

"If it wasn't for the smile, the Mona Lisa would be really boring" Josie August 2013 - after visiting the Marcel Duchamp exhibition in Herne Bay

 "Koalas aren't dangerous, they just stink" Charlie Febraury 2013 - great advice following my trip to Australia 

"Muummmm!! Charlie is watching something in Spanish on the TV and it isn't even in HD" Josie - May 2012 (at last the daily argument about the TV has made me laugh)

"For tea I would like a cheese sandwich with toast on the outside and bread on the inside and I'd like a sandwich with toast on the top, bread on  the bottom and honey in the middle" Charlie - May 2012

"When I go to school, will I be old enough to have my hair dyed green?" Charlie - August 2011

"When the dinosaurs come back to life and then the humans are alive again and I'm back in your tummy, what will you call me" asked Charlie. I decided to play it safe and go for Charlie which was the wrong answer. "No, I want you to call me Arthur so I can have the same name as Arthur", he said. Charlie - July 2011

Abracadabra into an adult - Charlie October 2010 - The worst possible curse he could think of.

Twinkle, twinkle chocolate bar, my Daddy drives a rusty car - Charlie apparently sings this in the book corner at nursery whilst waiting for lunch - October 2010

Hair pins are very popular fashion with Romans. They are made out of bones. After Romans had dinner, they took the bones to the shop and if they didn't make hair clips out of them, the Romans would kill them - Josie October 2010 - Notes on the Romans