Friday, 26 August 2016

Flowers on Friday

As we head towards the end of the summer holidays, I can safely say that I have achieved very little of what I set out to achieve over what is laughingly referred to as "time off". The kids however have had a blast and seeing as I gave up all right to my own life, space or even air to breathe the second I viewed that double blue line, I must have done something right. So in celebration, here are some flowers on Friday.

Especially for Zoe and Samantha, because feeling ill is rubbish 💕

Friday, 8 July 2016

Flowers on Friday

The skies are a little grey today but the colours of my flowers continue to sing. For anyone who needs a touch of brightness 

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Plastic free July - Eco wrap

That's it!! I'm ready to go plastic free for July. My plastic free June was not a success, in fact most of my principals and new approaches to living a better life went out the window in June.

I am not a fan of cling film at all and it certainly fits my single use plastic ban. I do like the look of those pretty Eco-wraps with all those beautifully patterned fabric.
Oh surely I can make those myself and so with the help of Mr Google, I found some instructions here

I however did not read the instructions, I looked at the pictures and guessed the rest, so there are no equipment dedicated to the task as advised. 

 I drew round a plate slightly larger than the bowl I wanted to cover on some cotton fabric.

Put some grease proof paper on a baking tray, followed by the circle of fabric, topped with a sprinkling of beeswax pellets. (In fancy blogs with stunning photography you may find the fabric ironed but I've broken my toe so can't be bothered/ am supposed to be resting)

I set the oven between S and 1 which seemed to be the perfect temperature.

And set the timer for 5 mins because I'm easily distracted but I'm not sure precise timing is essential because you are just melting wax.

After 5 mins, spread the wax around with a brush (not your finger, this is hot wax people!) and if you see any areas that are wax free add a few more pellets to that area and pop it back in the oven.

I made some rectangular ones for wrapping cheese / ham / sandwiches 

And even this one to cover the macaroni cheese 

If I can do it so can you. They are reusable, pretty and can easily be made from a fat quarter of fabric. Have fun.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

20 Minutes in my garden

We all need a break sometimes but who actually takes one. We think we dont have time, we feel guilty that there are a million and one other things we should be doing (quick pause in the writing while  I replace my cold coffee with a hot one) but believe the person who finds it almost impossible to do, it helps.
I'm always surprised when people say they read my blog. I know, "Earth to Susie - you post it on the internet and share it through social media."
(Oh no - moment of self doubt followed by a downwards spiral of thoughts which is just what you dont want in your small window of time to yourself).

So this is for you if you've:
burnt the pizza
travelled across the world with two small children
got a birthday this week that you are expected to arrange yourself / I forgot your birthday even though Facebook reminded me
are in charge of everything and expected to remember everything
if you entrusted your child with another parent, arrived to collect them only to find them home alone with the resident child bleeding and tales of having set fire to the garden ( sorry about that Justine)
your useless friend forgets to reply to messages and forgets arrangements
if you cant remember your own name
if you are dreading the summer fair
or you've recently been diagnosed with ME or any other life altering events that I am too self absorbed to have noticed.

This is for you, 20 minutes in my garden

Oooh we could have a competition of name all the plants!