Sunday, 9 June 2013

The end of era

In 2008 I got my first allotment and I loved it, I really did. Over the past 5 years I have spent hours and hours there, sometimes with the children but most often by myself. It's a quiet and peaceful place, plants don't tend to ramble on and on about nothing. They are happy if you look after them, suffer a little if you don't but generally they just grew.

Josie was four and Charlie just a year old when we got the plot and there has been a lot of muddy puddles, worms and tasting of homegrown goodies. It has a place where I have truly been happy, thought through the tough and sad times and celebrated the beautiful and diverse natural world.


But now we have moved and I have a vegetable plot in the garden, I no longer need both my allotments. My second plot is bigger, backs onto the river and has alot more character so there wasn't really any question about which one I was going to give up. It's never easy letting go of something you love but times and life move on and eventually you have to say goodbye.

It will be my raspberries that I will miss the most. I have a few canes in the garden and a small patch on my other allotment but not the forest of endless raspberries that have been too plentiful to pick.

Good bye old plot, it's been a blast.


Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Best of Friends

The best sort of friends are the ones that you can go camping with.  They are the ones that wont judge you by your bonfire perfume and will admire how you rock your wooly camping socks with Birkenstocks. They support your off the cuff parenting techniques out of fairness and appreciate that there is very little soundproofing woven into nylon canvas. When you are two years old, everyone is your best friend, when you are six friendships, can run their entirety in less than 12 hours in the middle of field, leaving a fleeting impression that lasts a life time and there are some friendships that touch your heart forever. 

A really good friend can make the world a better place. To share be able to share a secret with someone who understands is as incredible as an ocean view. Josie has always valued friendship and it is lovely to see her able to form and develop compassion and empathy for others. 

Then there are the Dads. The father / daughter relationship is one that forms a foundation for so many situations in your life. If only I could walk along the beach arm in arm with my dad and ask his advice.  There  is after all no-one you can rely on quite like you dad.

And it wouldn't have been camping without toasted marshmallows.