Monday, 9 December 2013

Let it snow

I would be a very mean mummy if I didn't let my own children get involved in designing their own Christmas paraphernalia for me to make.


Josie has designed a simple classic that she tells me she can keep forever because it isn't too young.


So far I've done the basics and have started crocheting the numerous snowflakes with which it will be adorned. I'm not sure whether all the snowflakes are to be individually hand crocheted or whether their might be some felt ones. I guess I'll just have to check with the designer

With each snowflake needing to be blocked and starched, I'm quite glad this stocking is not flying off around the world and I have until Christmas Eve to finished it.


Saturday, 7 December 2013

Monstrous Designs

Felt is so easy to work with that it's fast becoming my new favourite. I haven't even crocheted anything for the past two days. I've been busy making up Christmas orders for stockings and monsters. I love children's drawings and I just thought it would be a lovely idea to have children design their own monsters and for me to make them.

A very nice friend of mine agreed with my idea and got her two boys to draw their own monsters and I have been working on them this week.

This monster is called Sam, designed by the younger boy. Apparently he's a sea monster and he was actually quite easy to make.

Her older son designed a far more complex project with the most incredible detail. Garjydoodle even has knuckles and what I can only assume is a monster style six pack.


Following the success of my stockings on Etsy ( I count two orders as a success), I thought I may as well add design your own monsters to my shop, so if you are stuck for a Christmas gift, you could order one here.


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Christmas orders

I am very excited to say that I now have Christmas orders. I received my second request for a handmade stocking today, I have felt monsters to make, along with numerous other Christmassy orders for my own loved ones on the go.

I have finished Naomi's stocking and I am pleased with it. Wouldn't it just be so fab to spend every day making stuff? Today I worked my normal day job and then spent the rest of the day working on Christmas orders. I loved it. I am totally envious of these crafty people who've got their studios, orders and making based days. One day .... And I will also be needing a vintage caravan to work in
Picture curtesy of

Monday, 2 December 2013

Red and white Christmas

Each year my fondness for the classic Christmas combination of red and white increases. It looks so festive , bright and brilliant. I like the Scandinavian style and might be collecting a whole dr host of inspiration from another red and white favourite, Pinterest.

I'm still working on a Christmas stocking order ( I like to talk as if I have loads but I do only have one) and even that fits in with my red and white theme.


I went for a spot of machine and hand quilting.




Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas crafts - stockings

Christmas is my favourite time of year for crafting. It's cold outside, there's presents to made and I just so love the holiday theme. After a bit of a break from blogging, I thought it might be nice to get back into the whole collecting of thoughts and ideas by spendding December recording all my favourite Christmassy things.


I recently made stockings for my brand new nephew's first Christmas and his bigger sister (I didn't want to leave her out) and it was such fun. I decided to post them in my Etsy shop as a made to order item and I got an order. I was so excited, someone in Canada wants a stocking made by me!

This is how it's looking so far. There's a bit of hand quilting to do before I can put it all together and then it's got a long journey to Toronto ready for Christmas Eve.


Sixes and sevens

Life seems to have been so full lately, that there has scarcely been time to indulge myself in blogging. There's always a slight feeling of aniexety for me when I don't get around to writing a few words about how wonderful life is or capture some snapshots of the beauty that surrounds my world. A sense a guilt gently nags at the back of my mind, a little like a forgotten to promise to keep a diary and I have this irrational fear that my happiness will be taken from me if I don't reflect on moments. I suppose November always has a bleakness which is confounded by the loss of our baby Jack and although time makes the pain less intense, it is nevertheless a heartache that will remain constant.

There is however much hilarity in being the parent of a small child, often more than I bargin for with Charlie. A typical conversation goes something like this:

Me: Are your teeth clean?

Charlie: Yes

Me: As clean as a whistle?

Charlie: Mum, whistles are dirtier than the North Pole

November was of course Charlie's birthday month and the count down started in earnest after Bonfire Night. Many weeks were spent preparing presents (his Minecraft quilt was no small undertaking) and organising his survival party. For his birthday Charlie had requested a Swiss Army Knife and a bushcraft / survival style party and after researching what is or more to the point isn't available locally for an affordable price locally in November, I designed my own. I took inspiration from here, advice from a good friend and her boys (who were automatically invited for their knife skills) and Charlie contributed a number of ideas.