Friday, 30 October 2015


Yes dogs are quite a lot of work and true you do have walk them all year round in every type of weather but it truly is a fab way to experience life. Whilst most are in bed, my fluffy friend and I close the front door on our sleeping family and head off into adventureland. 

Sherlock is always ready for a walk and is mastering the art of sitting nicely for a photo. I have a feeling, from the intensity of his stare, that he thinks my phone is a toy for him, but he sits nevertheless.

We walk along the old Crab and Winkle embankment which is ideal for squirrel chasing

and mushroom spotting,

then up on to the University fields. I particularly like it when it's misty in the autumn and frosty in the winter.

It's an excellent space for rabbit and fox escapades and generally running around like a loon.

I love the trees in all their glorious shade.

They create beautifully natural frames for my doggy subject. And my woofer ...

Thursday, 15 October 2015


It's the first kid free two days off in a row for over a year. I've been doing a bit of extra work here and there and what with all the sock knitting, there hasn't been so much time for pottering around. So today, especially as it's so gruesome outside (yes Herbie cat you are getting wet - stop sleeping in the rain), I'm celebrating Socktober. I've been sorting through my sock yarn stash, organising my unfinished sock projects and spending time with my new YouTube friends.

"Hey lady, back it up! Aren't you the same mean mum who moans at her kids about their incessant chatter about YouTube and hours wasted watching trash?"

"Yes I am and I will readily admit that my parenting style is based on hypocracy."

I have frittered away the morning watching Love sock yarn, Yarngasm and Homespun House. I've recklessly started crocheting some earrings and I have had a perfectly lovely time.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Arne & Carlos


In the past week, I have made two marvellous discoveries that have had a huge impact on my daily life in my year of the sock. I must gush about the uber stylish Swedish-Norwegian knitting chappies, Arne and Carlos who I met at Ally Pally last week. I totally adore them and have emmersed myself in the fan worship practically encouraged by social media. I have liked them on Facebook, followed them on Instagram and ordered their books from the library.

What's not to like about these guys? However top of their list of points of awesomeness are

  1. Arne and Carlos knit socks (demonstrated beautifully whilst sitting on their own settee at The Knitting and Stitching Show)
  2. They have their own Design Line of sock knitting yarn with a fake fairisle self patterning brilliance
  3. I purchased the Summer Night 3657 colourway, there and then on the spot from Arne and Carlos and have knitted them everyday since


Friday, 2 October 2015

Knitting to the rescue

I do not cope well with limitations. For me boundaries are there to be stretched, barriers need to be broken down and rules are for bending. I do not like that suffocating feeling of physical or emotional restrictions.


So today I am struggling on every level with my sprained ankle. I have already cried the tears of disappointment at not being able to go to work. Aesthetically, the swelling is hugely unattractive, the bruising is developing by the hour not to mention the pain that kept me awake last night.

However every cloud does have a silver lining and knitting is my saviour. The fab leg warmers of autumnal hues that I knitted in the summer are ideal for holding the ice packs in place and prettying up the whole dismal situation.

Miserable as I am, confined to a seated position, it is giving me a chance to work on my greatest sock knitting challenge to date. This Knitty pattern has had me foxed for well over a year. The needles on which they are knitted are tiny (1.75mm) for the cuff and the restarts I've made are numerous but I have not allowed my lack of ability to prevent me for reaching for those lacy socks skies. Although I'm unable to wander around enjoying stuff I usually take for granted, the requirement of rest and the challenge of knitting work well together. Thank you yarn and pins X.