Thursday, 15 October 2015


It's the first kid free two days off in a row for over a year. I've been doing a bit of extra work here and there and what with all the sock knitting, there hasn't been so much time for pottering around. So today, especially as it's so gruesome outside (yes Herbie cat you are getting wet - stop sleeping in the rain), I'm celebrating Socktober. I've been sorting through my sock yarn stash, organising my unfinished sock projects and spending time with my new YouTube friends.

"Hey lady, back it up! Aren't you the same mean mum who moans at her kids about their incessant chatter about YouTube and hours wasted watching trash?"

"Yes I am and I will readily admit that my parenting style is based on hypocracy."

I have frittered away the morning watching Love sock yarn, Yarngasm and Homespun House. I've recklessly started crocheting some earrings and I have had a perfectly lovely time.

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