Friday, 30 October 2015


Yes dogs are quite a lot of work and true you do have walk them all year round in every type of weather but it truly is a fab way to experience life. Whilst most are in bed, my fluffy friend and I close the front door on our sleeping family and head off into adventureland. 

Sherlock is always ready for a walk and is mastering the art of sitting nicely for a photo. I have a feeling, from the intensity of his stare, that he thinks my phone is a toy for him, but he sits nevertheless.

We walk along the old Crab and Winkle embankment which is ideal for squirrel chasing

and mushroom spotting,

then up on to the University fields. I particularly like it when it's misty in the autumn and frosty in the winter.

It's an excellent space for rabbit and fox escapades and generally running around like a loon.

I love the trees in all their glorious shade.

They create beautifully natural frames for my doggy subject. And my woofer ...

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