Wednesday, 17 April 2013


I really do admire those people who stick to their guns, make promises to themselves and keep them. I live by a series of inconsistencies, always changing the rules and am very easily distracted by some new fabulous creative endeavour. I do not finish what I have started, execute my plans or ever set myself realistic achieveable targets. I would dearly love to follow some of those blog challenges that I enjoy reading about. One of my favourites is #amonthof and I also like 52 weeks of happy, both of which have Facebook groups and both of which I've tried and failed to keep up with.

This month #amonthof theme is colour, which is one of the best subjects ever and today, no. 17 is fuchsia so here's mine.


Even as I write this post I'm not even thinking about how it would be great to just manage to follow the next couple of days (reasonable and manageable) but no, instead I am distracted by the unrealistic daydream that I could crochet something in a different colour everyday. Will I ever learn?



Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ironing board revamp


Sometimes it just takes a little comment from someone to inspire you into action. I've had my sunshine yellow ironing board about a year now with the intention of jazzing it up and adding a little pizzazz but it wasn't until my lovely seamstress friend spotted the board and its potential that I finely got around to it.


I did already love it just the way it was, I mean who wouldn't adore that gloriously cheery colour, heavy classic Made in England design and vintage domestic loveliness. Such a yellow delight is certainly worthy of a little something from my sunshine yellow fabric stash.

And so with a fair amount of searching high and low for all the bits I needed to do some stitching, I whipped up a new cover. It's not the best and most beautifully finished item I ever made but it does make a nice before and after picture.




Sunday, 7 April 2013

First allotment tea 2013

At last the sun is out. It's not sunbathing weather but it isn't snowing so for the first time this year, I managed to get up to the allotment. I have a couple of rather good reasons for not having dug my way through the early part of 2013. Firstly I went swanning off to Australia, sunning myself on the beach and having a rather fabulous time. Next we moved house which kept me busy for a few weeks. The allotment pretty much looked after itself though and leeks, kale and chard were all ready to be picked this afternoon.

Perfect for a really simple and delicious recipe. Just chop up all the veg and sauté it in a wok.
Serve with a sprinkling of grated cheddar and a cold beer.