Saturday, 13 April 2013

Ironing board revamp


Sometimes it just takes a little comment from someone to inspire you into action. I've had my sunshine yellow ironing board about a year now with the intention of jazzing it up and adding a little pizzazz but it wasn't until my lovely seamstress friend spotted the board and its potential that I finely got around to it.


I did already love it just the way it was, I mean who wouldn't adore that gloriously cheery colour, heavy classic Made in England design and vintage domestic loveliness. Such a yellow delight is certainly worthy of a little something from my sunshine yellow fabric stash.

And so with a fair amount of searching high and low for all the bits I needed to do some stitching, I whipped up a new cover. It's not the best and most beautifully finished item I ever made but it does make a nice before and after picture.





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  2. I love this idea, what a transformation! It looks great. I hope you are settling into your new home ok. Xx


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