Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Flowers on Tuesday (just because they are beautiful)

When the weather is so glorious, the days last forever and summer is everywhere, it's a crime to be inside. I have all those gloomy winter's days to be crafting. When the sun is out, I want to be out. The last 24 hours have seen some of my favourite flowers burst into bloom.


Red cactus dahlia saved from last year


Leek flower


My first sweet pea of the season


Three roses together


And the speckled inside of a foxglove

What's not to love?


Sunday, 22 June 2014


Numbers aren't really my passion, I prefer words, colour, nature but I know they have their place. They are hugely significant in the passage of time, space and the universe. Without numbers, you can't mark how far you've come or what's left in store. Dates and times are the cornerstones of our lives and this week we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. So many things have happened, I could not have imagine what our lives would become from that moment in 2000. The twists and turns, the ups and downs have all been worth it.

The children were out at a fun day today so we were able to head out for a walk with the dog and stop for lunch at a pub. And if it's your 14th wedding anniversary, there's a14th Century inn nearby and it's dog friendly, then that really is the best choice.


Westbere is a chocolate box village in the tranquil countryside surrounding Canterbury and The Yew Tree Inn is delightful.


I can wait for whatever will happen over the next few years because I don't want my life to fly by so fast but I know the days and months then years will roll along as happy ones.


Friday, 20 June 2014

Flowers on Friday

This week is one for looking forward. There are so many flowers almost ready to appear and others that are small and subtle because they are about to give way to fruit and veg.


Courgette flowers are anything but understated. This one is almost as big as the young plant and practically screams, "Yo bees, over here!"


As a contrast, my "blink and you'll miss them" raspberry blossom, drop their petals at the slightest breeze but it's the fruit that we are waiting for.

When parsnips go to seed, they produce these fabulous structural umbrellas of yellow flowers. I'm not sure my allotment neighbours are so keen on them, casting their seeds to the winds, but I do like to let a few go to seed.



And finally Sherlock is doing a sterling job of supervising the watering of my sunflowers and foxgloves, all of which are yet to flower, but I am anticipating a fabulous show in a couple of months ready for some very special guests.





Friday, 13 June 2014

Flowers on a Friday

I love my garden and have spent the last two days pottering around with my flowers, veg, seedlings and trusty although sometimes troublesome doglet.





Have a lovely weekend


Thursday, 5 June 2014

My day, my garden

There's something about a list that just helps you get things done,especially if you put it out there for all and sundry to read. That added pressure of knowing that people might actually wonder whether I manage to stick to my plans was a real incentive to tick tasks off one by one (especially once I knew my friend Michelle was watching). Sherlock and I even made it to the allotment, twice.


Yes I was distracted by the roses that needed dead heading (ignored), the possibilities for reusing the metal frame from my old greenhouse (impossible to ignore hence the second trip to the allotment to build a frame to protect my cauliflowers from the pigeons) and the housework (easily ignored).


I do like moving the lawn, it's like an instant garden tidier.

Foxgloves remind me of our annual trips to the Welsh mountains as a child. I wouldn't be June without Foxgloves, I do love them so.

The first rose on the bush that I bought for my husband for Valentine's day was a bit too bright for my camera to cope with.


I have no idea what this is, it appeared between some paving stones so I pulled it out and put it in a hanging basket. My mum is coming tomorrow, perhaps she'll know.

This year I'm growing three different types of tomatoes. I'm hoping that the label is hidden somewhere in that foliage as these plants are doing really well and I'd like to grow them again.

All over the garden, strawberries are ripening.

My new pea cage made out of some of my old greenhouse frame.

It took me years to get Californian poppies to grew, every year I'd plant them and nothing but these are two years old now.


The start of my sweet peas, I can't wait ...


Wednesday, 4 June 2014

To do list No. 1

Thursday is my day of opportunity, my working week is over and anything could happen. As I return from the school run, the day stretches out in front of me, hour upon hour to be filled with endless activities. I always think that I shall get so much done, everything that comes into my head seems possible, because if I don't get it done on Thursday, there is still Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, as most mothers will know, the school day is actually incredibly short. There is barely time to have a coffee, hang the laundry out and have a bit of a tidy before the house is filled with hungry children who immediately reverse any sense of order. So often I fritter my time away, doing a little bit of this and that. I'm easily distracted by what I perceive to be more important / interesting tasks, have inspirational ideas that I start and then realise they will be impossible to finish by the 1445 deadline or feel overwhelmed by all the things I've got to do that I end up doing none of them. A list is the way to go. I spend all my hours at work setting students SMART targets, surely I can apply some of this to myself.

  1. Make elderflower cordial, I've bought all the ingredients, Sherlock and I can collect the elderflowers on our early morning walk and if I don't do it tomorrow I might miss that very small window of opportunity to catch elderflowers at their best
  2. Mow the lawn - it's been covered in bits of greenhouse for nearly a week and is making the place look untidy
  3. The laundry - dull, dull, dull. A never end job
  4. Plant the hollyhocks that have been waiting all week to be rehomed
  5. Photograph the garden. It changes everyday and I've already missed the aquilegia and bluebells. One glorious day last summer, I took photos of all the beautiful things in my garden and I still like to look at them today
  6. Finish the blue crochet earrings
  7. Crochet a granny square


And if it's at all possible, I'd like to spend some time at the allotment....

My red currants are ripening beautifully in the fruit cage


The foxgloves, sunflowers, crysanthemum and lupins are coming along a treat

but the weeds are running riot.