Wednesday, 4 June 2014

To do list No. 1

Thursday is my day of opportunity, my working week is over and anything could happen. As I return from the school run, the day stretches out in front of me, hour upon hour to be filled with endless activities. I always think that I shall get so much done, everything that comes into my head seems possible, because if I don't get it done on Thursday, there is still Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, as most mothers will know, the school day is actually incredibly short. There is barely time to have a coffee, hang the laundry out and have a bit of a tidy before the house is filled with hungry children who immediately reverse any sense of order. So often I fritter my time away, doing a little bit of this and that. I'm easily distracted by what I perceive to be more important / interesting tasks, have inspirational ideas that I start and then realise they will be impossible to finish by the 1445 deadline or feel overwhelmed by all the things I've got to do that I end up doing none of them. A list is the way to go. I spend all my hours at work setting students SMART targets, surely I can apply some of this to myself.

  1. Make elderflower cordial, I've bought all the ingredients, Sherlock and I can collect the elderflowers on our early morning walk and if I don't do it tomorrow I might miss that very small window of opportunity to catch elderflowers at their best
  2. Mow the lawn - it's been covered in bits of greenhouse for nearly a week and is making the place look untidy
  3. The laundry - dull, dull, dull. A never end job
  4. Plant the hollyhocks that have been waiting all week to be rehomed
  5. Photograph the garden. It changes everyday and I've already missed the aquilegia and bluebells. One glorious day last summer, I took photos of all the beautiful things in my garden and I still like to look at them today
  6. Finish the blue crochet earrings
  7. Crochet a granny square


And if it's at all possible, I'd like to spend some time at the allotment....

My red currants are ripening beautifully in the fruit cage


The foxgloves, sunflowers, crysanthemum and lupins are coming along a treat

but the weeds are running riot.


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