Thursday, 5 June 2014

My day, my garden

There's something about a list that just helps you get things done,especially if you put it out there for all and sundry to read. That added pressure of knowing that people might actually wonder whether I manage to stick to my plans was a real incentive to tick tasks off one by one (especially once I knew my friend Michelle was watching). Sherlock and I even made it to the allotment, twice.


Yes I was distracted by the roses that needed dead heading (ignored), the possibilities for reusing the metal frame from my old greenhouse (impossible to ignore hence the second trip to the allotment to build a frame to protect my cauliflowers from the pigeons) and the housework (easily ignored).


I do like moving the lawn, it's like an instant garden tidier.

Foxgloves remind me of our annual trips to the Welsh mountains as a child. I wouldn't be June without Foxgloves, I do love them so.

The first rose on the bush that I bought for my husband for Valentine's day was a bit too bright for my camera to cope with.


I have no idea what this is, it appeared between some paving stones so I pulled it out and put it in a hanging basket. My mum is coming tomorrow, perhaps she'll know.

This year I'm growing three different types of tomatoes. I'm hoping that the label is hidden somewhere in that foliage as these plants are doing really well and I'd like to grow them again.

All over the garden, strawberries are ripening.

My new pea cage made out of some of my old greenhouse frame.

It took me years to get Californian poppies to grew, every year I'd plant them and nothing but these are two years old now.


The start of my sweet peas, I can't wait ...


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