Friday, 20 June 2014

Flowers on Friday

This week is one for looking forward. There are so many flowers almost ready to appear and others that are small and subtle because they are about to give way to fruit and veg.


Courgette flowers are anything but understated. This one is almost as big as the young plant and practically screams, "Yo bees, over here!"


As a contrast, my "blink and you'll miss them" raspberry blossom, drop their petals at the slightest breeze but it's the fruit that we are waiting for.

When parsnips go to seed, they produce these fabulous structural umbrellas of yellow flowers. I'm not sure my allotment neighbours are so keen on them, casting their seeds to the winds, but I do like to let a few go to seed.



And finally Sherlock is doing a sterling job of supervising the watering of my sunflowers and foxgloves, all of which are yet to flower, but I am anticipating a fabulous show in a couple of months ready for some very special guests.





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