Saturday, 31 January 2015

Birthday Quilt

Two years ago I packed my carpet bag and headed off to Oz for my Mary Poppins mission. I wrote about it here, here and here. Mary Poppins is originally from Queensland you know and although I missed out on a The Mary Poppins Festival, I did get the chance to spend lots of time with my gorgeous niece and welcome my new nephew into the world.

So what would be the ideal gift for a very special little nephew? I know a quilt because I've only got a week to make it. Nothing like putting the pressure on, but I did it. I can only give a few hints of the final piece because I know that my sister will see this and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Here's a sneaky peek

Hmm what could that be?

A three eyed monster?

A bird?

Just to add a sprinkling of mystery and a touch more suspense, the big reveal will be on 4th February which is the little man's 2nd birthday. Oh go on then, one more quick look...


Friday, 30 January 2015

"To do" sock list

Who doesn't love a list? I'm getting so involved in my year of the sock, that I have created my very own list of sock projects for February.


Finish these very special tiny socks for a special little man.

No. 2

Finish these socks that I started in 2010
No. 3
And start these overly ambitious patterned socks that I'm bound to make a total mess of. Anyhow watch this space


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Year of the sock January

The first month in the year of the sock has pretty much been dedicated to my Wendy Happy in Fjord. I do love the yarn which is mostly bamboo, but they seriously did take me forever.

These are my first patterned socks and although it was a pretty simple alternating 2x2 rib, I did get in a complete muddle. Fortunately the pattern is quite forgiving.

I started these socks in April 2014 so it is quite an achievement.

.... and now on to the next unfinished pair.


Monday, 19 January 2015

Let it snow

We are patiently waiting for our snow. Every day we check the weather, but we are still waiting. It's freezing tonight so perhaps we'll wake up in the morning to a world covered with an icy white blanket of snow. Until then though, I've got my crochet snowflakes.


I managed to convince my husband, earlier this month, that they were not Christmas decorations but more generally for winter, so they've been allowed to stay.



When the morning sun streams through the window, they cast the most intricately beautiful shadows.


They do make me smile, even on Blue Monday.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015 - Year of the sock


I realise I'm a little late but Happy New Year blogosphere anyhow. So far I've liked 2015, although I was rather fond of 2014. I know for a lot of friends and family, 2014 was challenging and they were glad to move on so to them especially I wish them all the best for the new year.

Along the with usual resolutions (loose weight, get fit, be the best me ever...) my number one wish for this year is to finish projects. There are a whole stack of unfinished projects lurking in the cupboards and I'm starting with socks. I've already finished one pair (there was just a heel and a foot of the second sock left) and now I'm on to a more challenging pair that I started last April.