Saturday, 31 January 2015

Birthday Quilt

Two years ago I packed my carpet bag and headed off to Oz for my Mary Poppins mission. I wrote about it here, here and here. Mary Poppins is originally from Queensland you know and although I missed out on a The Mary Poppins Festival, I did get the chance to spend lots of time with my gorgeous niece and welcome my new nephew into the world.

So what would be the ideal gift for a very special little nephew? I know a quilt because I've only got a week to make it. Nothing like putting the pressure on, but I did it. I can only give a few hints of the final piece because I know that my sister will see this and I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Here's a sneaky peek

Hmm what could that be?

A three eyed monster?

A bird?

Just to add a sprinkling of mystery and a touch more suspense, the big reveal will be on 4th February which is the little man's 2nd birthday. Oh go on then, one more quick look...


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