Tuesday, 13 January 2015

2015 - Year of the sock


I realise I'm a little late but Happy New Year blogosphere anyhow. So far I've liked 2015, although I was rather fond of 2014. I know for a lot of friends and family, 2014 was challenging and they were glad to move on so to them especially I wish them all the best for the new year.

Along the with usual resolutions (loose weight, get fit, be the best me ever...) my number one wish for this year is to finish projects. There are a whole stack of unfinished projects lurking in the cupboards and I'm starting with socks. I've already finished one pair (there was just a heel and a foot of the second sock left) and now I'm on to a more challenging pair that I started last April.



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  1. I'm liking 2015 so far too. That's a good aim to finish projects. I'm on the de-cluttering bug which may mean getting rid of a few unfinished projects which I'm never going to finish.


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