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I'm just a mum who loves her family. I love growing flowers and vegetables, sewing, knitting, crochet, painting, cooking, dancing and running. I love colour, nature and weather. Most of all I love my time at home. Life doesn't always turn out as you expect and it isn't always easy. I started my blog to help me to appreciate how wonderful the world is, if you look in the right places, to focus on what does make me happy and to escape from what makes me sad. Ridgeway Cottage is a mixing pot of all my happiest memories, observations, hopes and dreams. A place to reflect and record the daily life of my wonderful family. Somewhere to connect with my amazing friends and make new ones.


  1. "I started my blog to help me to appreciate how wonderful the world is..." I love that. Without realizing it until now, writing my blog has done the same for me! It certainly helps me focus on the positive, the joys, and the sunny days. Nice to find you! I'm a fellow JustB blog student. ^^ Cheers from South Korea!

  2. Loving the layout and look of your blog. x

  3. Love your blog. I really love your widgetts at the top of each page. Makes it so is to share your great blog


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