Friday, 2 October 2015

Knitting to the rescue

I do not cope well with limitations. For me boundaries are there to be stretched, barriers need to be broken down and rules are for bending. I do not like that suffocating feeling of physical or emotional restrictions.


So today I am struggling on every level with my sprained ankle. I have already cried the tears of disappointment at not being able to go to work. Aesthetically, the swelling is hugely unattractive, the bruising is developing by the hour not to mention the pain that kept me awake last night.

However every cloud does have a silver lining and knitting is my saviour. The fab leg warmers of autumnal hues that I knitted in the summer are ideal for holding the ice packs in place and prettying up the whole dismal situation.

Miserable as I am, confined to a seated position, it is giving me a chance to work on my greatest sock knitting challenge to date. This Knitty pattern has had me foxed for well over a year. The needles on which they are knitted are tiny (1.75mm) for the cuff and the restarts I've made are numerous but I have not allowed my lack of ability to prevent me for reaching for those lacy socks skies. Although I'm unable to wander around enjoying stuff I usually take for granted, the requirement of rest and the challenge of knitting work well together. Thank you yarn and pins X.



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