Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Arne & Carlos


In the past week, I have made two marvellous discoveries that have had a huge impact on my daily life in my year of the sock. I must gush about the uber stylish Swedish-Norwegian knitting chappies, Arne and Carlos who I met at Ally Pally last week. I totally adore them and have emmersed myself in the fan worship practically encouraged by social media. I have liked them on Facebook, followed them on Instagram and ordered their books from the library.

What's not to like about these guys? However top of their list of points of awesomeness are

  1. Arne and Carlos knit socks (demonstrated beautifully whilst sitting on their own settee at The Knitting and Stitching Show)
  2. They have their own Design Line of sock knitting yarn with a fake fairisle self patterning brilliance
  3. I purchased the Summer Night 3657 colourway, there and then on the spot from Arne and Carlos and have knitted them everyday since


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