Saturday, 7 December 2013

Monstrous Designs

Felt is so easy to work with that it's fast becoming my new favourite. I haven't even crocheted anything for the past two days. I've been busy making up Christmas orders for stockings and monsters. I love children's drawings and I just thought it would be a lovely idea to have children design their own monsters and for me to make them.

A very nice friend of mine agreed with my idea and got her two boys to draw their own monsters and I have been working on them this week.

This monster is called Sam, designed by the younger boy. Apparently he's a sea monster and he was actually quite easy to make.

Her older son designed a far more complex project with the most incredible detail. Garjydoodle even has knuckles and what I can only assume is a monster style six pack.


Following the success of my stockings on Etsy ( I count two orders as a success), I thought I may as well add design your own monsters to my shop, so if you are stuck for a Christmas gift, you could order one here.



  1. How cool! How much are these?

    1. Hi Katherine
      The prices start from £5. Here is a link to my shop where you can find out more.


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