Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Time for a holiday

With the sun in the sky, the blossom on the trees and a feeling of new beginnings, it is time for a holiday. A change and a rest are most definitely called for after such a sad and difficult couple of years. I have a month off work and the support I need to make changes in my working life, I've created a studio at home and opened two on-line shops, so I am ready to turn my life around.

If life is to be a good one, then I shall spend my time doing the things that truly make me happy.

Through writing my blog, I have discovered a fabulous handmade loving community and marketplace, like minded people who love what they make and are ever so friendly.

Ridgeway Cottage Treasures Etsy Shop

I haven't sold anything yet apart from one handmade card, but I have lots of ideas and am quite pleased with my hand painted knitting needles.

Today is the start of the good things to come and at last I feel optimistic about the future.

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