Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Six Months of Daily Photos

Now that it is well into July, I thought it would be an excellent time to reflect on my challenge to take a photo everyday for a year. I am really enjoying it and could quite easily take more than one picture a day, although over the past six months on some days it has been so difficult to even get out of bed.
I wish that I had the funding to put on an exhibition of all the photos, not because any of them are particularly spectacular but just because it would be incredible to wonder around a fabulous art space, seeing snapshots of a year in my life and hugely self indulgent. I don't think it's even that my life has been so amazing to warrant an exhibition, it's more the passage of time, the changing of the seasons, ideas that have become realities.

A large proportion of the pictures have been of my garden and things I have grown, perhaps because I look forward with anticipation to see what a plant or flower is going to look like. I love to watch things grow, it truly is the miracle of life.

This is my favourite photo so far. It has taken me years to get a basket full of allium pom-poms. When Josie was tiny, she broke the head off my decorative allium every year and when she grew big enough to leave well alone, along came Charlie, the master destroyer of all my favourite plants. When I got an allotment, I admired everyone's onion and leek flowers. Then finally this year, after my second season of growing leeks, I have my own, not only to cut and dry but to allow to go to seed. According to the old girl at the allotment, that is the best way to grow leeks, let your old ones go to seed and grow them where the drop.

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