Sunday, 4 August 2013

Art bikes

I often consider my bike to be a work of art, I've pimped my ride, added crochet and fabric but it is nothing compared to the Art Bike Trail which is part of the Marcel Duchamp Festival in Herne Bay this August.

We only managed to see a selection of the bikes today but we will be heading back to Herne Bay in the morning for more art and culture. Kent really does have a riot of seaside experiences: other fascinating events on our to do list for the summer holidays include Broadstairs Folk WeekWhat a Vintage Carry On in Margate , and Ramsgate Summer Squall. Why would you want to spend hours and hours travelling when everything really is on our door step and we can be home in time for tea or have chips on the beach.

Anyhow here are the fab art bikes we saw today. Hats off and moustaches on to all the brilliant creators.

And once you have had enough of bikes (or your children have)
there is still ...

an enormous urinal sculpture

a bath chair 

or hitting the Jackpot on the Telly-go-round

You have got to love Herne Bay for putting on a festival to celebrate the centenary of a visit from an artist and Marcel Duchamp for his brilliant postcard stating ...

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