Saturday, 21 September 2013

Crochet for bikes

Crochet and my bike are two features of my daily life, so it's only natural that I should try to combine the two. I've recently got a new bike. I loved my old one so much but the brakes didn't work, the back tyre was cracking and the gears were all but destroyed a couple of years ago in a fight with a carrier bag.

This would be my dream bike, possible a little darker on the mint but certainly the combination with the tan leather. When it came to choices for a new bike, I was hugely disappointed. Of course budget is always a limitation even for the most well-healed and despite there being such a thing as a hybrid (traditional and mountain bike combined), there was nothing I fell in love with. Although I do like the image of myself floating around on a beautiful vintage bike looking pretty, I do actually need a bike that works well, with gears as I often have to get from a to b at a speed of knots laden down with my life.

(This is the decal sticker on the back of my phone, throw in a few random kids and it is pretty much a true reflection of what I cram onto my bike)

So I found myself settling for the Halfords bike that I certainly didn't want but would have to grin and bear as a last resort. The internal angst caused by the choice was crippling and left me in tears, especially when it appeared to my husband that I was totally ungrateful for the road worthy bike he had bought me. And then I remembered my bike makeover and more importantly the crochet skirt guard that wouldn't fit on my old bike because it had a kiddie seat on the back instead of mud guards and a bike rack.


For the longest time, the image above was the screen saver on my computer at work. I have loved this skirt guard so much for so long and at last I finally have a bike on which it would fit. So I've set about making one and yes there is rather a lot of crocheting involved and it is taking me much longer than I imagined. I got the pattern here.

This is what I've done so far, I'll keep you posted.




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