Friday, 4 October 2013

Time well spent

I am not a naturally tidy person. That isn't to say that I don't like stuff organised. In fact living with children has left me craving neatness. It is quite astonishing how a small person can destroy a house that has taken all day to tidy in a matter of minutes. But seriously do we actually have time to fritter away our precious life on housework. Last week I went to Josie's assembly and the headmaster told us that we'd blink and it would be their leavers' assembly. I don't want to blink and her last year in primary school to have vanished. I often worry whilst hanging out the laundry that time is slipping away, second by second, sock by sock. And there's the dilemma, how can I keep and tidy home and not waste my opportunities to make life memorable instead of dust-free.

I'd like to say that the photo above is a representation of how I normally layout my new projects but it isn't. I usually get so excited about my ideas that I just dive head first into them surrounded by mess and chaos. So I decided to tiny a little and lay everything out clearly ordered for Charlie's new quilt. I did wonder whether I should have been spending so much of my day off enjoying myself cutting and sewing fabric but thought that in years to come it will be there quilt that Charlie remembers and cherishes not a well kept ordered home.



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