Saturday, 18 January 2014

The Pink Ladies

As we sat in our classroom inspired horseshoe, designed to encourage conversation, there was a slightly uneasy silence. Those of us who knew each other, stole furtive glances, others returned our smiles politely although they were not privy to the planning and discussion that had occurred in preparation for the evening. The time had slowed, 8pm seemed an age away. The silence was intermittently interspersed with brief attemps at small talk and the rants of a drunk outside on the city streets. The commanding presence of our WI advisor Dorothy, had the air of an experienced headmistress or well respected senior relative which in the event of such formalities made me feel foolish in my .....excitement.

Some of us stifled giggles as advice was provided on the process, as we had already made the majority of our formal decisions but it was with noticeable nerves, that I raised my hand to the question of who wished to be President.


So that's it, another new chapter has opened in my life. I am officially the president of the very recently formed Pink Ladies WI. And it is actually that easy to become a president, especially when you are somewhat hoodwinked into the role.

How to become the president of your own WI in three easy steps

1. Find two ladies. One to be treasurer and the other to be secretary. A WI can form if there are these three officers in the mix.

2. Invite two WI advisors to a meeting so they can do all the formalities.

3. Put up your hand and say "Me please" when the question is raised concerning the president.

Of course there are plenty of extras you can include:

  • A friend who arranges the whole thing
  • Another friend with a fab arts cafe to host the momentus occasion ( I'd recommend something like Espressions Art Cafe )
  • It's quite nice if you can find two friends who want to be the other officers because that's much more fun
  • You could make your own badge (see above)
  • And if you really want to feel super special you could get a crystal bell for bringing meetings to order. I wasn't expecting one and it really was the cherry on the cake.

If you want to find out more about the Pink Ladies, find us here or search Pink Ladies WI on Facebook. Perhaps you'd even like to join.





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